Cosmetic Dental Software - Dentist Testimonials

Smile Imaging are the only cosmetic imaging software company to offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee and free software updates for life!

How can we offer this? Simple. We have total confidence in our sofware; as the following testimonials will prove.

Don't delay... increase your office revenue by offering your patients the added value service of cosmetic imaging. With a live demonstration of the programme, you will be able to try the programme before you buy.

Ashley Latter

Ethical Dental Sales Trainer

Ashley Latter Ltd, Manchester
0161 724 8728
[email protected]

"Smile Imaging is a very neat product showing patients an imaged picture before their treatment. It's FANTASTIC so easy to use and yet so effective. It will not only increase case acceptance from day one, but also create more opportunities for your practice."
Ashley Latter, Ethical Dental Sales Trainer, Ashley Latter Ltd

Dr Adam Thorne

Harley Street Dental Studio
+44 (0) 20 7636 5981

"The Smile Imaging system improves patient communication, understanding and delivers compelling aesthetic and restorative treatment simulations. Since using the system we have noticed a dramatic increase in case acceptance as the patients can really visualise their proposed treatment. The tools available in the system and its ease of use make it an essential piece of software for a cosmetic dental practice. WE FULLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO OUR COLLEAGUES."
Dr Adam Thorne, Harley Street Dental Studio

Dr Agnieszka Milbauer

PhD in Prosthodontics

Your Perfect Smile, Aviemore and Grantown-on-Spey
01479 812 846

"This software is REALLY COOL to use.  INCREDIBLY fast, as it enables dentists and patients to see how smiles can change faces. The patients are in a "can't believe it's me" mode, when they see what has been achieved in less than 5 MINUTES!!"
Dr Agnieszka Milbauer, PhD in Prosthodontics, Your Perfect Smile

Dr Andrew Chandrapal

Bourne End Dental, Buckinghamshire
+44 (0) 16 2852 3353

"I have used a few different forms of digital imaging for my aesthetic work and I have to say that I have never come across a simpler and effective version of software to show patients the potential that can be achieved. Whether it be orthodontic treatment, composite bonding, whitening or restorative treatment, Smile Imaging enables the patient to visualise the difference I can offer them. It remains to be invaluable in education, realisation and has definitely LED TO MORE TREATMENT UPTAKE for all the techniques I provide."
Dr Andrew Chandrapal, Bourne End Dental

Dr Anoop Maini


Aqua Dental Spa, 25 Manchester Square London, W1U 3PY
020 7935 5332
[email protected]

"Since purchasing the Smile Imaging software, the customer service provided by Tracy has been FANTASTIC, Tracy has always been on hand to contact for image training and advice. We opted for in-house training which meant that everyone, even me, could image at the end of the session. All my team members have also taken part with on-line training so that they can quickly produce an image that is a very powerful tool in consults. The ability to communicate the possible treatment options has been amazing for patients to fully understand how their smile could look after the proposed treatment, more-so than looking at similar past cases from our library. The potential to increase case acceptance is why I would highly recommend adding Smile Imaging to any dental clinic, which is looking to provide a five star customer service to patients. THIS IS A REAL NO BRAINER."
Dr Anoop Maini, BDS( Lond), DGDP(UK), FCOI, Aqua Dental Spa

Dr Ashish B Parmar


Smile Design By Ash - Feel Good Dentistry, 6 Chigwell Rise, Chigwell Essex IG7 6A
Mob: 07971 291180
Email: [email protected]

"Cosmetic imaging is a very useful tool to demonstrate how a patient might look if they chose to improve their smile. What I love about the “Smile Imaging” software is the ease and speed of achieving a realistic change with cosmetic dentistry. Staff members can be trained to do this task for the busy dentist. Of all the cosmetic imaging software systems I have come across in the last two decades, this is definitely the best one. I recommend this to dentists that I teach on my Academy, as they can see the positive results I am achieving in case acceptance in my private practice."
Dr Ashish B Parmar, BDS, Smile Design By Ash - Feel Good Dentistry

Dr Avik Jonathan Dandapat

BDS (Birm), MFGDP(UK) RCS (Eng),Dip.Implant.Dent RCS (Eng), Adv.Cert.Implant RCS (Eng)

+44 (0) 11 8934 5927

"The Smile Imaging Software is a very powerful yet simple tool to use - the patients are instantly impressed by the speed of which we are able to redesign a smile - any cosmetic implant or Ortho practice should see this as an invaluable asset to aid communication and ethical sales in dental practice – I really have to say the software is awesome! Patients love it. It's so easy and MY RETURN ON INVESTMENT HAS BEEN 10 FOLD IN THE FIRST THREE MONTHS!"
Dr Avik Jonathan Dandapat, BDS (Birm), MFGDP(UK) RCS (Eng),Dip.Implant.Dent RCS (Eng), Adv.Cert.Implant RCS (Eng)

Dr Elaine Halley BDS

MFGDP(UK), MSc (Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry)

Cherrybank Dental Spa Ltd – world class dentistry in a relaxing spa environment, Perth Dental Spa - 168 Glasgow Road, Perth, PH2 0LY
01738 624667
[email protected]

"There is so much power in showing a patient the possibilities of how they can look before any major decisions are made. I find the Smile Imaging software so easy to use and treatment co-ordinators can easily be trained to do the basics. There is also a diagnostic element particularly in minimal prep cases as when you are designing the smile ‘digitally’, elements of treatment planning become obvious. Patients need to see their eyes to see how a new smile can transform their face. Dentists need to plan the case from a facial perspective as well as a tooth by tooth perspective. Smile Imaging SHOULD BE PART OF EVERY MODERN AESTHETIC DENTAL PRACTICES tool-kit to aid comprehensive planning, communication and case acceptance."
Dr Elaine Halley BDS, MFGDP(UK), MSc (Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry), Cherrybank Dental Spa Ltd – world class dentistry in a relaxing spa environment

Dr Jan Einfeldt

Member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) Member of the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics (ESAO) Member of the Professional Speakers Association (PSA), St

Staplehurst Dental Practice, 4 Station Road Staplehurst Kent TN12 0QE
(0) 1580 848 171
[email protected]

""Tracy, Thank you for your help with the smile imaging. You have helped us convert patients by giving them somewhat of an idea what their teeth could look like. It's also quick and easy for staff to learn and use. You have always been so helpful if we had questions - THATS WHAT I CALL THE FULL PACKAGE!""
Dr Jan Einfeldt, Member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD)  Member of the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics (ESAO)  Member of the Professional Speakers Association (PSA), St, Staplehurst Dental Practice

Dr Kehinde Gbolade

B.D.S (Sheff), MFDS RCS (Eng)

Hathersage Dental Surgery, Unit 4b/Heather La, Hope Valley S32 1DP
01433 20650044

"Smile Imaging is a very clever imaging system. I am REALLY IMPRESSED with the software and it's ease of use. Patients and I enjoy seeing what potential treatments could look like without doing any irreversible procedures. It's great to be able to help patients achieve the smile they want in theory and subsequently in practice! Tracy has also been great with her knowledge and support. I AM SO PLEASED I PURCHASED THE SOFTWARE."
Dr Kehinde Gbolade, B.D.S (Sheff), MFDS RCS (Eng), Hathersage Dental Surgery

Dr Lesley Morgan-Barlow


Synergy Dental, 106 Tunstall Road Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire ST8 6HN
01782 513 237
[email protected]

"Having a tool such as Smile Imaging helps patients visualise the results of treatment before making any commitment is a TERRIFIC ASSET in any practice and patients love seeing the possibilities available to them. The software is easy to use and with Tracy's support we were up and running in less than an hour, thereafter the key to success is practice and using the software consistently as part of your patient journey. Use it well and the software will make treatment acceptance much easier and your investment worthwhile."
Dr Lesley Morgan-Barlow, MCIPD, Synergy Dental

Dr Manish Chitnis


Dental Concepts, Whitchurch Hampshire
[email protected]

""My case conversions have doubled since I have used the Smile simulation software ""
Dr Manish Chitnis, BDS, Dental Concepts

Dr Mervyn Druian


The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, 93 Haverstock Hill London NW3 4RL
020 7722 1235

"WOW Smile Imaging really is 'that something special' to offer your patients.  Over the years I have seen and used many softwares but nothing to compare to this.  When Tracy came to show me the latest advancement with the even faster Whitening system I WAS AMAZED. Effective and predictable whitening, this is the software that I’ve been waiting for. Speedy and easy to use, just follow the flashing instructions for any dental procedure, click print and within minutes, the patient is looking at a photo of how they could look.  You too will be sold by this software, as will your patients."
Dr Mervyn Druian, BDS (RAND) D.G.D.P, The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Micheal Cahill

Cahill Dental Centre, Bolton
+44 (0) 12 0489 5774

"We use Smile Imaging in my practice for virtually all of our patients, and we are AMAZED at how easy and quick the system is to use. The ability to show someone the potential results of a cosmetic procedure within 5 minutes is a huge marketing advantage, and we have found a marked increase in the uptake of proposed treatments since imaging."
Dr Micheal Cahill, Cahill Dental Centre

Dr Neil Harris


HRS Dental, 2 Ebley Road Stonehouse Gloucestershire GL10 2LQ
01453 826234

"I have found the Smile Imaging software to be very useful with showing patients how we could potentially change their smile. It is so nice to be able to give the patient a before & after photo that they can take away & they can show family & friends, the photo is great as it has the practice details on it also therefore acts as PROMOTING THE PRACTICE AT THE SAME TIME!. The software is straight forward to use after some very helpful onsite training from Tracy. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND the smile imaging software."
Dr Neil Harris, BDS, DPDS, HRS Dental

Dr Nick Green


Kelsham Dental Care, The Common Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8SN
01483 274552
[email protected]

"THIS IS THE SOFTWARE I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR; easy to use and quick, just follow the flashing instructions at the top of the screen and print. It’s that simple. Within minutes of taking a photo, the patient is looking at a before and after picture of their enhanced smiles, whether it is tooth whitening, veneers, implants etc. This adds the WOW factor in the cosmetic consultation. Best of all, my staff do all of this!"
Dr Nick Green, BDS, Kelsham Dental Care

Dr Peter McQuillan


Olivers Dental Studio Sunderland, 27 Durham Road | East Herrington | Sunderland | SR3 3NQ
0191 5437692
[email protected]

"Smile imaging is a SUPERB software package that allows you to ethically deliver an aesthetic computer aided smile design without the cost of a wax up, in mere minutes. Setting expectations isn't an issue as your in control of the proposed smile, and with the range of treatment options available on this package i’m confident that most clinicians and patients will enjoy its benefits."
Dr Peter McQuillan, BDS, Olivers Dental Studio Sunderland

Dr Prasad Vishnupurikar

Village Dental Surgery, 28 Station Road Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 6DN
0121 706 0275

"Since using the smile imaging software it has quickly become the missing piece in our cosmetic jigsaw puzzle. We used to provide our patients with illustrations, wax ups, etc, presenting to them the potential result of cosmetic treatment. However, the smile imaging software has helped patients see what none of the other tools can ever show them and our treatment UPTAKE HAS INCREASED TREMENDOUSLY. We use it widely now for teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, composites and porcelain restorations. We have found that patients always understand choices better when something as powerful as their own teeth are shown to them in a corrected and aesthetic manner. After this, the patient seems to be almost 'sold' on the treatment and they are happy to proceed with it. It is a very impressive software that patients are extremely pleased with and the speed at which this can be done is amazing! I would highly recommend this software to anyone who wants to take their patient experience to the next level."
Dr Prasad Vishnupurikar, Village Dental Surgery

Dr Rahul Doshi

B.D.S.(Lon) L.D.S.R.C.S.(Eng)

The Perfect Smile Studio Ltd, 7/9 South Street, Hertford SG14
+44 7956 503232

"We have tried and tested a variety of imaging software over the past several years. Smile Imaging is the THE SIMPEST IMAGING SYSTEM TO USE IT IS ALSO THE FASTEST; all of my team can now image a case in just a few minutes. It is also cost effective as we are now able to offer imaging to every patient. Enabling patients to envision how a proposed treatment will look within their own photographed face - which we have found to be much more effective in converting cosmetic cases than showing our previous before and after photos, where they were still left wondering how they would actually look. When a patient sees how treatment is going to enhance their appearance, they become very excited and motivated. Since using the Smile Imaging software, our practice has seen a marked increase in uptake of all cosmetic treatments. In fact what finally convinced me to purchase this product was that with Tracy’s help we were able to create images of patients that had previously declined their treatment plans. We found that a majority of these patients re-attended to now accept their treatment plan. So in fact, this new closure revenue paid for our purchase of the software even before we had made the investment."
Dr Rahul Doshi, B.D.S.(Lon) L.D.S.R.C.S.(Eng), The Perfect Smile Studio Ltd

Dr Richard Colebourne

BDS(Ncle UK) DGDP(UK) DPDS(Brist) LFHom(Dental)

Evesham Dental Health Team, 16 Broadway Road, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 1BG
01386 422 833
[email protected]

"Richard has successfully used the imaging to help patients see the benefits of how their smile could look, AFTER SEEING THE IMAGE THEY'VE GONE AHEAD WITH TREATMENT."
Dr Richard Colebourne, BDS(Ncle UK) DGDP(UK) DPDS(Brist) LFHom(Dental), Evesham Dental Health Team

Dr Simon Milbauer

Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic, 6 Granish Way Aviemore PH22 1UQ
01479 812 846
[email protected]

"We use the software, and have been AMAZED with the increase of treatment uptake ever since. Our patients are BLOWN AWAY WITH THE TECHNOLOGY, allowing them to see their own teeth after cosmetic treatments. Be it a replacement of the missing teeth, change of old amalgam fillings to composite ones, presentation of proposed orthodontics or teeth whitening – the program has changed our approach to treatment presentation and discussion forever. It’s the most essential tool we have in the practice. A message to our colleagues. “ It’s definitely a “must have” piece of equipment which will return the expense sooner than you might expect”. Together with very professional support from Tracy, the provider of the software, the kit is a very worthwhile investment."
Dr Simon Milbauer, Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic

Dr Timothy Goh

CEO and Practice Principal at GO! Dental (Aust) and Oxford Dental Practice

Snap-On Smile-Dentist, Australia

"Smile Imaging has helped our patients understand the options that are available to them, This is now PROVING TO BE THE PERFECT TOOL for educating patients, achieving greater case acceptance and documenting informed consent. You take a photo of the patient, load it into the software and within a couple of minutes, you've simulated the treatment outcome you are proposing to essentially create an 'after' shot for the patient to see. The real power of is that the patient can see a very accurate photo of how they personally will look following treatment, rather than showing them pictures of other cases you have completed or diagrams in books or software."
Dr Timothy Goh, CEO and Practice Principal at GO! Dental (Aust) and Oxford Dental Practice, Snap-On Smile-Dentist

Mikey Bateman Practice Manager


Fergus and Glover, 160 Union Street, Aberdeen, Scotland
01224 644876
[email protected]

"Fergus & Glover have been use Smile Imaging software. It is by far, one of the most user friendly tools on the market. Quick to use and very easy to learn. We have had great success with the software at events and exhibitions. Promoting the practice as being able to image someone on the spot, creates a real vibrancy and BUZZ AND EXCITEMENT about the options available to patients. In these times where service matters, the little extras such as offering Smile Imaging all do add up to give patients the smile and service that they want."
Mikey Bateman Practice Manager, BSC, Fergus and Glover

Professor Bob Khanna

The Dr Bob Khanna Clinic, Reading

"OUTSTANDING and very simple to use. Anyone from the dental team can learn to manipulate the various options the tool offers in no time. We love the fact that the software can also be used for facial aesthetics treatment and gives the patient an instant idea on the expected results. We would highly recommend this product to any dental clinic, which is looking to go that extra mile in customer service."
Professor Bob Khanna, The Dr Bob Khanna Clinic, Reading

Professor Paul A Tipton

B.D.S, M.Sc., D.G.D.P. U.K. Specialist in Prosthodontics. President, British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD).

T.Clinic, Bridgewater House,Radnor Street,Manchester
0161 348 7843
[email protected]

"Cosmetic imaging can have a great influence in marketing and selling private dental treatments. It has worked for me at the TClinic. Giving my patients a visual reference, has left them more encouraged and motivated to undergo treatment and has WORKED WONDERS FOR IMPROVING MY CONVERSION The quality and customer service provided by Tracy has been fantastic, I therefore FULLY RECOMMEND SMILE IMAGING ON ALL OF MY TRAINING COURSES"
Professor Paul A Tipton, B.D.S, M.Sc., D.G.D.P. U.K. Specialist in Prosthodontics. President, British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD)., T.Clinic

Tracy Stuart

Business Development Specialist

[email protected]

"I have to say I wasn’t a fan of imaging, that was until Tracy insisted I see her system. Within 5 minutes, I was using the system which means even those team members scared of computers can be imaging smiles in minutes. Seeing is believing! This system goes hand-in-hand with any training I provide and PAYS FOR ITS SELF IN DAYS."
Tracy Stuart, Business Development Specialist
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