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  • Snap - software for cosmetic dentistry
  • Snap - cosmetic dental software
Computer software for cosmetic dental imaging

Smile Imaging - Cosmetic Dental Imaging Software

Smile Imaging provides an innovative computer software package (programme) that has been developed as an effective way for the dentist/team members to speedily produce imaged photos of patients, enabling them to see how their appearance will improve with the proposed treatment.

Being able to show cosmetic dental and non-surgical facial procedures with imaged photos within 5 minutes is a huge marketing advantage. Patients are instantly impressed by the speed of their FREE simulated smile-evaluation photograph that they can take away with them and are more likely to proceed with the treatment plan.

Our software can be implemented into your workflow with minimal effort and a near-zero learning curve. The resulting financial impact is impressive. Please note any photos imaged by smile imaging may be used for marketing at dental shows and events

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